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Metcon (Time)


For Time: (30 min cut off)

100 Alternating Dumbbell Clean and Jerks

*On the Minute: 5 Burpees Over Dumbbell
If we don’t have a dumbbell but we have a barbell, let’s do empty barbell clean and jerks. If we have a kettlebell, let’s perform hang kettlebell clean and jerks. If zero equipment, let’s do odd object ground to overhead.

Metcon (No Measure)

Burn! 12:00pm

EMOM x 16

Min 1 : 45s of Cross-Body V-Ups

Min 2: 45s of Bent Over Rows

Min 3: 45s of Lateral Shoot Throughs

Min 4: 45s of Alternating Jumping Lunges

Rest 2 mins



Ascending Ladder 10-20-30-40…

-Mountain Climbers

-Step Ups on Box or Step

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