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Weightlifting Accessory Movements

Accessory lifts allows us an opportunity to break down full weightlifting movements, into pieces and parts of the movement.  This allows us to focus on one aspect of the lift with the intent of building muscle memory for that specific piece.  Treat each of these movements as if it is a heavy weight, and focus on performing it as perfectly as you can!

Snatch Balance (5 x 3 x 65-75 1RM

5 Sets of 3 Reps at 65-75% of your 1RM Squat Snatch)


Split Jerk (5 x 3 x 75 1RM

5 Sets of 3 Reps at 75% of your 1RM Split Jerk

This movement will come from the rack)


Weightlifting 1 Rep Max

a 1 Rep Max is an important bit of information to know.  If you know what your 1RM is, we can train smartly at appropriate percentages in order to make progress.  Find your 1RM, and RECORD IT!!!  When we are lifting 70%, 80%, etc., you will know what that should be.

Clean and Jerk (1 Rep Max Squat Clean and Split Jerk)


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