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Partner Metcon

Every :90 for 30:00 w/Partner: C2B Pull-ups, Push-ups, and Box Step-ups (Time)


With a partner:

Every :90 for 30:00:

10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

10 push-ups

10 box step-ups (20/24 in)

– Partners alternate rounds; one athlete works at a time.

– The partner not completing a round cumulates time in a handstand or plank.

– Score time working.


With a partner:

Every :90 for 30:00:

6 pull-ups

8 push-ups

10 box step-ups (20/24 in.)

A) Fun partner workout! Shoot to get all the work done in the :90 and to accumulate time in the plank or handstand hold.

B) Hit the round hard and embrace the built-in rest at the end of the :90 and in the handstand or plank hold.




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